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Damarco Solutions is dedicated to providing an efficient and cost-effective system of SDS Management. Plans start for as little as $250 per year. Our annual fee is $3 per unique, active SDS – so if you have 100 unique chemicals that you are currently using at your site, the annual fee would be $300 (200 unique chemicals = $600). We provide free set-up of your account with a three year contract. You may have as many logins as you want for no additional charge. You may set your account up with a structure to organize your SDS by divisions for no additional charge. If you have the same SDS in multiple divisions within your account structure, there is no additional fee, just the $3 per unique, active SDS annually.

In addition, there are many other features our clients find helpful including secondary container label printing, QR Code access, and the ability to download a portion of, or your entire inventory of SDS to your computer at any time all for no additional charge.


With Damarco Solutions, your database of SDS and our entire global database is accessible to you and your employees 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. You don’t need to buy, download, or update any software to use the system. Establish passwords and manage system access for as many administrators as your organization needs. Set up icons for quick access to all or part of your database. Manage distribution of icons so employees have access to all SDS or only those applicable to the part(s) of the organization in which they work.

You can create and edit your organizational structure and logins or let us do it for you. We can also provide assistance with managing your SDS inventory. Learn more about the Damarco SDS Management System.


Customize the organizational structure of your database to meet your needs. Set up as many tiers (ie. subsidiary, department, division, project, etc.) as you want and name them what makes the most sense for you and your employees.

Add product numbers or synonyms to your SDS to make it easier for your employees to find the SDS they are looking for. Add custom fields to enter and store whatever data you need to. Export indexed data, including custom data to excel spreadsheets for further manipulation and/or analysis. Learn more about the Damarco SDS Management System.