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What is a Full-Service Plan Account?

A Full-Service Account allows your company to customize your account with a structure to organize your SDS by sites or locations in which the products are used. If you have the same SDS in multiple locations and/ or subdivisions within your account structure, you only pay for it once annually. We provide free set-up of your account with a three year contract. In addition, you may have as many administrative and employee logins as you want and you can place an employee login link (with the username and password embedded) on your intranet so your employees do not have to remember a URL, username, or password.

Highlighted Features:
  • Unlimited number of divisions and subdivisions in your Account Structure
  • Unlimited number of SDS in your Company Inventory
  • Unlimited Admin and Employee access to view/print SDS from your company inventory
  • Unlimited Admin and Employee access to view/print SDS from the Damarco Global inventory
  • Unlimited number of Administrative Logins to manage SDS in your Structure
  • Unlimited number of employee logins - you determine if your employees can access only the SDS of the products in your company inventory, specific divisions of your company inventory, and/ or our global database
  • Distributable links for Administrative and Employee Logins (username and password embedded)
  • Archive SDS for products you are no longer using, but retain access to the SDS as needed
  • Unlimited secondary container label printing from SDS in your company inventory
  • Free phone and email support
  • Create and download Back-ups of SDS in your company inventory
  • Benefit from cooperative updating -- when an SDS for a product used by multiple clients is updated for one client, it is automatically updated for all.
  • Many other features – contact us for a quote or to schedule a free webinar!

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